2011-10-31 paulrminor table problem master
2011-10-28 paulrdoing a cross machine commit check
2011-10-20 paulrnot sure really
2011-10-05 paulrmoved interfaces ui into a seperate php file.
2011-10-04 paulrneed to talk to ethtool - ug
2011-10-04 paulrworking on the interfaces page
2011-10-03 paulrjust added a comment
2011-10-03 paulrworking on the interfaces page
2011-10-02 paulrmoving the configuration changes into the single config...
2011-10-02 paulrmaking config changes all happen in "addConfigLine"
2011-09-23 paulrstuff
2011-09-22 paulrconfig modifications and such
2011-09-22 paulrconfig stuff
2011-09-22 paulrchanged how configs work
2011-09-22 paulrrunning configuration and deltas and shit
2011-09-21 paulrstarting work on the interface
2011-09-20 paulrmust go sleep
2011-09-20 paulrget the installer to run...
2011-09-20 paulrremoved some old cruft
2011-09-20 paulrmore config and web page stuff
2011-09-20 paulrsome structure to how configs are loaded, how the daemo...
2011-09-20 paulrweb pages and shite
2011-09-19 paulrconfigs and comms
2011-09-19 paulrcomms stuff (ipc that is)
2011-09-19 paulrmore hardware probes.
2011-09-19 paulrcode for startup and read config file and probe network...
2011-09-19 paulrsome config work
2011-09-19 paulrbasic layout stuff
2011-09-19 paulrmore framework
2011-09-19 paulrframework directories
2011-09-19 paulrinitial push