fixing up the "is setup" check in the installer
[gwvp.git] / gwvplib / gwvpdatabase.php
2011-11-10 paulrfixing up the "is setup" check in the installer master
2011-11-08 paulrchanges to git management links based on perms
2011-11-07 paulradded a permissions unit test
2011-11-07 paulrIts a nightmare in pastel! but permission management...
2011-11-07 paulrstarted implementing the configuration dialog stuff
2011-11-07 paulrmoved permissions to radio boxes
2011-11-07 paulrmore repo permissions additions
2011-11-07 paulrworking on repo permissions code
2011-11-07 paulrvarious repo admin bits
2011-11-06 paulrAdded some form validation bits, with the ability to...
2011-11-05 paulrstarted some input validation code and unit tests for it
2011-11-05 paulrgroup membership can now be modified
2011-11-05 paulrworking on the user/group administration page.
2011-11-03 paulrminor text change
2011-11-03 paulrstarted work on the repo page
2011-11-02 paulrimplemented authentication levels of anon,user,admin...
2011-11-02 paulroriginally i had planned for the username to be the...
2011-11-02 paulrUser page code for user/group admin
2011-11-01 paulradded numerous database components
2011-11-01 paulradded more framework bits,
2011-10-31 paulrsome framework stuff