reaplced the git service code (main gitbackendinterface()) with a new
[gwvp.git] / www /
2011-11-08 paulrchanges to git management links based on perms
2011-11-07 paulrstarted implementing the configuration dialog stuff
2011-11-07 paulrvarious repo admin bits
2011-11-06 paulrmade my star image a bit nicer
2011-11-06 paulrAdded some form validation bits, with the ability to...
2011-11-05 paulradded some text to the install file, though i dont...
2011-11-05 paulrstarted some input validation code and unit tests for it
2011-11-04 paulrimplemented a plugin loader so i can add things like
2011-11-02 paulrimplemented authentication levels of anon,user,admin...
2011-11-02 paulrmoving config aside so i can have my own
2011-11-02 paulrUser page code for user/group admin
2011-11-01 paulradded more framework bits,
2011-10-31 paulrsome framework stuff
2011-10-30 paulrpulls/clones now work thru git-http-backend THRU my...
2011-10-30 paulrits all about the time
2011-10-30 paulruh oh
2011-10-30 paulrbasic structure
2011-10-30 paulrinitial push