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2011-02-11 paulreeep
2011-02-11 paulradded some more messages to the client/server comms
2011-02-11 paulrtrying to figure out why one of the DC servers is reall...
2011-02-10 paulrcant quite figure out why the client messages for init...
2010-11-23 paulractive directory text and stuff
2010-11-23 paulrWorking AD basic html page.
2010-11-23 paulrActive directory examples.
2010-11-17 paulrchanged all ref's to lib.php to ga4php.php
2010-11-16 paulrsome minor changes to layout
2010-11-16 paulrAdded a login page example
2010-11-16 paulradded some text to the provisioning example explaining...
2010-11-16 paulrCreated a provisioning example
2010-11-16 paulrcleaned up the example code.
2010-11-16 paulrmoving the old example out of the way for now
2010-11-16 paulrmoved to abstract class with overloading.
2010-11-15 paulra stupid implementaiton of function passing into an...
2010-11-15 paulrfixed various issues around how google auth'er wants...
2010-11-15 paulrvarious improvemens
2010-11-15 paulrwarning about offsiting the qrcode generation...
2010-11-15 paulrworking example page
2010-11-14 paulrinitial commit