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2011-03-02 paulrremoved eronius comment master
2011-03-02 Paulrgit test
2011-03-02 Paulrstaged commit
2011-02-26 paulradded some code to deal with username case (made it...
2011-02-26 paulradded a few columns in the user table for admin and pin
2011-02-26 paulrminor fixes
2011-02-26 paulrfixing up some methods
2011-02-25 paulradded hardware token add/list methods.
2011-02-25 paulrfixed the provision user method
2011-02-25 paulradded a provision user code
2011-02-25 paulradded client get users command
2011-02-11 paulrminor updates
2011-02-11 paulradded an ignore
2011-02-11 paulreeep
2011-02-11 paulradded some more messages to the client/server comms
2011-02-11 paulrtrying to figure out why one of the DC servers is reall...
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