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[ga4php.git] / lib /
2011-02-09 paulradded a custom data manipulation function set
2010-12-07 paulrset token types
2010-12-07 paulradded a command for syncing tokens to the auth server
2010-12-06 paulrtoken counter fix
2010-12-05 paulra working authd/authclient - mostly
2010-12-05 paulrfixed a minor thing with the hotp skew
2010-12-04 paulrcomms work between authd and authclient
2010-11-22 paulradded a funcitonal reference...
2010-11-21 paulra bit more error checking, moved the skew's and hunt...
2010-11-21 paulrSome minor error checking code.
2010-11-17 paulrrenamed the main library
2010-11-16 paulrAdded a login page example
2010-11-16 paulrCreated a provisioning example
2010-11-16 paulrAdded some methods and made a todo file
2010-11-16 paulrmoved to abstract class with overloading.
2010-11-16 paulrmoved the main class to an abstract super
2010-11-16 paulrmoving to an overload function
2010-11-15 paulrjust thinking out loud in the main lib.php
2010-11-15 paulra stupid implementaiton of function passing into an...
2010-11-15 paulrtodo's
2010-11-15 paulrim not really sure...
2010-11-15 paulrfixed various issues around how google auth'er wants...
2010-11-15 paulrvarious improvemens
2010-11-15 paulrworking example page
2010-11-15 paulrAn initially working library.
2010-11-14 paulrunit tests and base code
2010-11-14 paulrinitial commit