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[ga4php.git] / unittests /
2011-02-25 paulradded client get users command
2011-02-11 paulrtrying to figure out why one of the DC servers is reall...
2011-02-07 paulrInitial coding of the gaasd new auth server.
2010-12-23 paulradded the tcp code in, but its not running yet
2010-12-23 paulradded a socket test
2010-12-05 paulra partially functional web app is now partially functional
2010-11-23 paulrjust change the ldap bind test so it can not import...
2010-11-23 paulrActive directory examples.
2010-11-23 paulrtesting how extension attribs work under ad/ldap
2010-11-17 paulrchanged all ref's to lib.php to ga4php.php
2010-11-15 paulrAn initially working library.
2010-11-14 paulrunit tests and base code