2011-03-02 paulrremoved eronius comment master
2011-03-02 Paulrgit test
2011-03-02 Paulrstaged commit
2011-02-26 paulradded some code to deal with username case (made it...
2011-02-26 paulradded a few columns in the user table for admin and pin
2011-02-26 paulrminor fixes
2011-02-26 paulrfixing up some methods
2011-02-25 paulradded hardware token add/list methods.
2011-02-25 paulrfixed the provision user method
2011-02-25 paulradded a provision user code
2011-02-25 paulradded client get users command
2011-02-11 paulrminor updates
2011-02-11 paulradded an ignore
2011-02-11 paulreeep
2011-02-11 paulradded some more messages to the client/server comms
2011-02-11 paulrtrying to figure out why one of the DC servers is reall...
2011-02-11 paulrimplementing client/server messages
2011-02-10 paulrtrying to figure out how to store data in AD
2011-02-10 paulrone little bloody return statement
2011-02-10 paulrcant quite figure out why the client messages for init...
2011-02-10 paulradded new ad test
2011-02-09 paulradded a custom data manipulation function set
2011-02-08 paulrrenamed some functions about configuration handlers
2011-02-08 paulrlots of coded stuff, the beginnings of the server/clien...
2011-02-07 paulrInitial coding of the gaasd new auth server.
2011-02-07 paulrtime to re-code the auth server from scratch
2011-02-07 paulrsmall change to add hardware tokens to database.
2011-01-20 paulrerrr, no idea?
2010-12-23 paulrim so happy the tcp comms just worked ok
2010-12-23 paulrit actually works, fuck me
2010-12-23 paulri dont believe, i switched to tcp and it seems to WORK
2010-12-23 paulradded the tcp code in, but its not running yet
2010-12-23 paulradded a socket test
2010-12-23 paulrswitched into a send/receive function
2010-12-08 paulrfixed the qrcode creation dialog
2010-12-08 paulrRadius clients
2010-12-08 paulrradius clients stuff
2010-12-07 paulradded radclient stuff
2010-12-07 paulrset token types
2010-12-07 paulrthis should never have been there
2010-12-07 paulradded a command for syncing tokens to the auth server
2010-12-06 paulradding bits to script
2010-12-06 paulrchanged error printing on pages
2010-12-06 paulrAdded a user OTK retrieval url.
2010-12-06 paulrtoken counter fix
2010-12-06 paulrchanged default token type to totp
2010-12-06 paulrFreeradius users script added
2010-12-06 paulrnothing in particular, swear word
2010-12-06 paulradded varius components for supporting user website.
2010-12-06 paulrrenamed files
2010-12-06 paulrrenamed index to admin
2010-12-05 paulra partially functional web app is now partially functional
2010-12-05 paulrfunctional authd/authclient
2010-12-05 paulra working authd/authclient - mostly
2010-12-05 paulrfixed a minor thing with the hotp skew
2010-12-04 paulrjust trying to figure out how to create the db properly
2010-12-04 paulrcomms work between authd and authclient
2010-12-04 paulrmostly authclient/authd comms
2010-12-03 paulrmore authserver code
2010-12-03 paulrmore auth server work
2010-12-03 paulrlots of little auth changes... going from proof of...
2010-12-03 paulrlots of work on the authserver... tho mostly proof...
2010-12-02 paulrbeginning the framework for authserver
2010-12-01 paulrmore setup server code
2010-12-01 paulradded more setup code
2010-12-01 paulrminor mods to script
2010-12-01 paulradded a setup server script to automatically setup...
2010-11-23 paulractive directory text and stuff
2010-11-23 paulrjust change the ldap bind test so it can not import...
2010-11-23 paulrWorking AD basic html page.
2010-11-23 paulrActive directory examples.
2010-11-23 paulrtesting how extension attribs work under ad/ldap
2010-11-22 paulrchanged radius specific stuff to more generic forms
2010-11-22 paulradded a funcitonal reference...
2010-11-21 paulrupdated the readme
2010-11-21 paulra bit more error checking, moved the skew's and hunt...
2010-11-21 paulrUpdated the todo
2010-11-21 paulrSome minor error checking code.
2010-11-18 paulrug... how do i make freeradius work?
2010-11-17 paulrchanged all ref's to lib.php to ga4php.php
2010-11-17 paulrrenamed the main library
2010-11-16 paulrsome minor changes to layout
2010-11-16 paulrAdded a login page example
2010-11-16 paulradded some text to the provisioning example explaining...
2010-11-16 paulrCreated a provisioning example
2010-11-16 paulrcleaned up the example code.
2010-11-16 paulrmoving the old example out of the way for now
2010-11-16 paulrAdded some methods and made a todo file
2010-11-16 paulrmoved to abstract class with overloading.
2010-11-16 paulrmoved the main class to an abstract super
2010-11-16 paulrmoving to an overload function
2010-11-15 paulrjust thinking out loud in the main lib.php
2010-11-15 paulra stupid implementaiton of function passing into an...
2010-11-15 paulrtodo's
2010-11-15 paulrim not really sure...
2010-11-15 paulrfixed various issues around how google auth'er wants...
2010-11-15 paulrvarious improvemens
2010-11-15 paulrwarning about offsiting the qrcode generation...
2010-11-15 paulrworking example page
2010-11-15 paulrAn initially working library.