2011-08-07 paulrmoved to an sqlite database for config rather then...
2011-08-07 paulrhosts bits
2011-08-07 paulrAdded a hosts bit
2011-08-06 paulrsome more on adhoc
2011-08-06 paulrstarted work on the adhoc file component
2011-08-06 paulrupdating apt repo's now work.... apt really annoys
2011-08-06 paulradded a apt repo updater... that doesnt work
2011-08-06 paulrremote file unit test
2011-08-06 paulrgetting apt up and running
2011-08-04 paulradded a sort to printDir() so it prints dirs first...
2011-08-04 paulrfixed the url parser so all urlhandlers have ^ tacked...
2011-08-03 Paulradded a generic readme
2011-08-03 paulrhello
2011-08-03 paulrMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2011-08-03 Paulrstarted an install doc
2011-08-02 paulrfixed a prob with the url matching code
2011-07-31 paulradded some config jargon
2011-07-31 paulrmodified the way the directory detection works... its...
2011-07-31 paulrfixed the directory making bits for the downloader...
2011-07-30 paulrfixed .htaccess to deal with +'s in the query string
2011-07-30 paulrcompleted an install of centos.. yay
2011-07-30 paulrfirst set of actually fully working code (against the...
2011-07-30 paulrvarious chagnes
2011-07-27 paulryeah.
2011-07-26 paulrlength bits, exploding the getRepoForUrl bit
2011-07-26 paulrhttp range request ass bandits from redhat for their...
2011-07-26 paulrI updated a centos machine from this code... you ripper...
2011-07-25 paulrtrying to figure out hoe i group os's and stuff
2011-07-24 paulrLots of little changes, basic structure now looking...
2011-07-23 paulrSetting up my convoluted web parsing structure... in...
2011-07-22 paulrMoving the old code aside into the archive as i begin...
2011-04-26 paulrupdates and such
2011-04-26 paulrthe start of the auto-update code
2011-04-26 paulrmoved some stuff back to lib from plugins
2011-04-20 paulrah yeah... and such
2011-04-20 paulrmessages and such
2011-04-20 paulrmessages and such
2011-04-20 paulrall in the datastore.
2011-04-19 paulrfile datastore work
2011-04-19 paulrdb store work
2011-04-18 paulrrudementry functioning db functions
2011-04-18 paulrmore initial code
2011-04-17 paulrurl manipulation
2011-04-17 paulrsome simple outline stuff atm
2011-03-30 paulrsome minor additions
2011-03-30 paulradded some flow stuff
2011-03-30 paulrstarted a flow diagram
2011-03-30 paulrall your files are belong to git....
2011-03-30 paulrgetting soap functional.
2011-03-28 paulrimplementing soap.. soap soap soap
2011-03-27 paulradded a .htaccess file
2011-03-27 paulrinitial commit