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last changeThu, 18 Aug 2011 16:42:16 +0000
2011-08-18 paulrnot entirely sure, think its all the messaging components master
2011-08-10 paulrmoved admin to repo admin... whichi s really what it is
2011-08-09 paulrmoved admin to repo admin
2011-08-09 paulryep, fixed deletions.
2011-08-09 paulrnot sure what i did, but you can bet it was AWESOME
2011-08-09 paulrcron fixes, hosts working, last seen working... lifes...
2011-08-09 paulrhost group operations work very well now.
2011-08-09 paulradded alot of host gorup operations
2011-08-08 paulrhostgroup scanning works.
2011-08-08 paulrdelete the old config thingy
2011-08-08 paulrkinda stubb'ed the old config out for now and tacked...
2011-08-07 paulrmoved the config bit over... awesome
2011-08-07 paulrmoved to an sqlite database for config rather then...
2011-08-07 paulrhosts bits
2011-08-07 paulrAdded a hosts bit
2011-08-06 paulrsome more on adhoc
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