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last changeTue, 17 Nov 2009 14:38:33 +0000
2009-11-17 Paul J Rfixed a problem where bytes and strings are the suck master
2009-11-16 Paul J Rok, web post is now working through javascript
2009-11-16 Paul J Radded a bit to pull the data from the req
2009-11-16 Paul J Rtrying to make the json/js page work
2009-11-16 Paul J Rdont need makeit and cleanit.
2009-11-16 Paul J RMakefile..
2009-11-16 Paul J Rgod knows how the json interface actually works cause...
2009-11-16 Paul J Rthe ugliest code on earth...
2009-11-16 Paul J Rswitching to json/static page interface
2009-11-16 Paul J Rchanged web interface to static files + json interface
2009-11-15 Paul J Rstuck with a bitch of a problem
2009-11-15 Paul J Rtable creation, random data and need some more stuff
2009-11-15 Paul J Rdb creation things
2009-11-15 Paul J Rvarious updates.
2009-11-15 Paul J Rthe way i'm doing the web itnerface kinda sucks.
2009-11-15 Paul J Radded begin page
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