2012-10-26 Paul J Rreplacing the cli cmds with variables and configuration... master
2012-10-26 Paul J Radd some functions to pull git infomation from a repo
2012-10-25 Paul J Rremoving some debugging from the git-http-backend core...
2012-10-25 Paul J Rgetting rid of some debugging output
2012-10-25 Paul J Rfixing flusing on output during git-http-backend outptu...
2012-10-25 Paul J Rtaking out some error logging
2012-10-25 Paul J Rmaking the time differential txt producer nice
2012-10-25 Paul J Rformat time in commit log
2012-10-25 Paul J Rnotification of repo remote cloning complete via db...
2012-10-25 Paul J Rfixing a small undefined var bug
2012-10-25 Paul J Radded a message via db commit path
2012-10-25 Paul J Rhandling data from the client properly for gzdecoding and
2012-10-25 Paul J Rneed to understand how git and cgi interact across...
2012-10-24 Paul J Rhandling gzip encoding on post from client - very annoying
2012-10-24 Paul J Rok, remote clones are working... i think... need some...
2012-10-24 Paul J Rtypo
2012-10-24 Paul J Rlocal clones working...
2012-10-24 Paul J RAdded clone for non-remote
2012-10-24 Paul J Rdisabling chat bits, should really work on core functio...
2012-10-19 Paul J Rclone repo work
2012-10-18 Paul J Radding the ability to clone from an existing repo and...
2012-10-12 Paul J Rbeginnings of the chat part
2012-10-12 Paul J Radding some "chat-like" functionality
2012-10-02 Paul J Radding the ability to clone from an existing source...
2012-10-02 Paul J Rchanged search funcitonality so it can be called as...
2012-10-02 Paul J RNote in the readme about git binary locations
2012-10-02 Paul J RActivity log is now working
2012-09-28 Paul J Rremoving all the error logging for now
2012-09-28 Paul J Rlittle bit of code cleanup
2012-09-28 Paul J Rminor typo
2012-09-28 Paul J Rgetting rid of mini references
2012-09-27 Paul J Rbeginnings of the package build stuff
2012-09-27 Paul J Ruser admin/status change management
2012-09-27 Paul J Ruser details updates works
2012-09-27 Paul J Rforce ssl, change to /gwvp url
2012-09-27 Paul J RUpdated readme instructions/description
2012-09-27 Paul J Rrename readme for github
2012-09-27 Paul J RUpdating readme with install instructions
2012-09-26 Paul J Ruser admin page and control
2012-09-24 Paul J Ruser page aditions (change password/description)
2012-09-24 Paul J Ruser page commits
2012-09-24 Paul J Rits awesome, to be awesome.
2012-09-23 Paul J Rfigured out how to get commits contained in a pack...
2012-09-23 Paul J Rgit branching and pushing is doing my head in
2012-09-23 Paul J Rcmdline tool for hooking into update githook
2012-09-22 Paul J Ractivity logs... oh fun
2012-09-22 Paul J Rstarting work on the activity log
2012-09-22 Paul J Radded a gravatar enable/disable bit
2012-09-22 Paul J Radd list of repos a user can commit to
2012-09-22 Paul J Rpush EVERY repo request back to git-http-backend cause...
2012-09-22 Paul J Rminor typo fix
2012-09-22 Paul J Rrepo view now follows permissions
2012-09-21 Paul J Rsome auth debugging nonsense
2012-09-21 Paul J Rpermissions now apply properly to repo, however the...
2012-09-21 Paul J Rrepo permissions management complete (though pretty...
2012-09-21 Paul J Rpermissions check/management code
2012-09-21 Paul J Rbasic permissions work
2012-09-19 Paul J Rsmall test trying to dev filters
2012-09-19 Paul J Rgetting basic search functionality working
2012-09-19 Paul J Radded repo remove from admin page
2012-09-19 Paul J Rcheck whether user is enabled
2012-09-19 Paul J RDisable/enable user switch
2012-09-19 Paul J Radded link to gpl
2012-09-19 Paul J Rchanges to repo view
2012-09-19 Paul J Radded user registration confirmation, email "from"...
2012-09-19 Paul J Rswitching user references to link-to-user references
2012-09-19 Paul J Raddded user details to top of repo view
2012-09-19 Paul J Radded gravatar to repo view commit logs - sweet
2012-09-19 Paul J Radded user view file to repo
2012-09-19 Paul J RAdded user view page, updated repo view page, added...
2012-09-18 Paul J Ruser add/remove
2012-09-18 Paul J Rfixed a few small things
2012-09-18 Paul J Rcant quite see whats going on here, but when sent a...
2012-09-18 Paul J Rde-uglified readme
2012-09-18 Paul J RAdded a Readme and a search header (with no functionali...
2012-09-18 Paul J Radded the eclipse proejct file
2012-09-18 Paul J Radded some git repo create validation
2012-09-18 Paul J Rinitial code layout