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last changeFri, 26 Oct 2012 16:41:46 +0000
2012-10-26 Paul J Rreplacing the cli cmds with variables and configuration... master
2012-10-26 Paul J Radd some functions to pull git infomation from a repo
2012-10-25 Paul J Rremoving some debugging from the git-http-backend core...
2012-10-25 Paul J Rgetting rid of some debugging output
2012-10-25 Paul J Rfixing flusing on output during git-http-backend outptu...
2012-10-25 Paul J Rtaking out some error logging
2012-10-25 Paul J Rmaking the time differential txt producer nice
2012-10-25 Paul J Rformat time in commit log
2012-10-25 Paul J Rnotification of repo remote cloning complete via db...
2012-10-25 Paul J Rfixing a small undefined var bug
2012-10-25 Paul J Radded a message via db commit path
2012-10-25 Paul J Rhandling data from the client properly for gzdecoding and
2012-10-25 Paul J Rneed to understand how git and cgi interact across...
2012-10-24 Paul J Rhandling gzip encoding on post from client - very annoying
2012-10-24 Paul J Rok, remote clones are working... i think... need some...
2012-10-24 Paul J Rtypo
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